Each server requires the correct client to connect.

  • Minecraft Classic - tooelerpg.com:25565 Uses the regular Minecraft Launcher found at minecraft.net - This Server is Survival Mode. Monsters are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Minecraft Tekkit - tooelerpg.com:25566 Uses the Tekkit launcher downloaded from technicpack.net - This Server is Creative Mode. Monsters are off.
  • Minecraft Spartacus - reddwarflegion.org:25567 Uses the regular Minecraft launcher found at minecraft.net - This Server is Creative Mode. Monsters are on.
  • Starmade - tooelerpg.com:4242 Uses the launcher found at starmade.org Pirates are on.
  • Teamspeak - tooelerpg.com Requires the Teamspeak 3 client found at teamspeak.com

Dynmap Links

All game servers are white listed and require you to be added to the white list to be able to connect. Click here and fill out the registration form

The Teamspeak server has a password that is needed to connect. Click here to request the password.

Please note that you will be expected to follow all rules while on our servers. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including being banned from all of our servers (regardless if you only broke the rules on one of them). Minor Infractions you will be warned. We use the 3 strike rule.