Code of Conduct

For the

Tooele RPG Group

  1. Respect the Game Master, The GM has put a lot of work into creating the world, campaign and scenarios. The least you can do is respect that the GM is the Game Operations Director and is in charge.
  2. Respect the other Players. One player will always have the spotlight. That is the only player who should be talking; you will get your turn. If you have something that must be said NOW then get the GM’s attention by waving, raising your hand or other non-intrusive appropriate means.
  3. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes on the premises. This does mean don’t come to the game drunk or high. If you need to smoke or vape, please do so outside. There will be no second chance, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  4. Control only your characters in the game, do not try to control other player’s characters. Trying to tell another player how to run their character is not acceptable. Remember, you have an idea of how your character should be run and they have an idea of how their character should be run. Let them make their own mistakes. Something wonderful may come of creative role-playing.
  5. No disrespectful language, curse words or otherwise.
  6. Help Cleanup when the game is over. You helped make the mess, you are expected to help cleanup.
    • Pick up wrappers, packages and other garbage.
    • Return you characters to the GM.
    • Help put the tables and chairs away.
  7. When we are playing the game, we are not discussing the news, weather, last night’s game or the movie you recently saw. Stick to topic.
  8. Do not expect to be fed, while it would be appreciated if you brought snacks, it is not required and you will not be compensated for doing so.
  9. Do not attack other player characters. This is the only character behavioral rule here. While role-playing can lead in unusual directions and consequences’, you are not to attack any other character without a VERY GOOD reason, this includes…
    • Physically striking the character in hand to hand combat.
    • Attacking with any kind of weapon, lethal or otherwise.
    • Casting spells which detain or injure the other characters.
  10. Game masters will be required to use Combat Maps in their Campaigns. This allows for a visual representation of the combat situation.

If rule 9 is violated it is up to the other players and the game master to determine if the reason is acceptable or not.

If any player violates these rules more than twice in a night, they will be asked to leave. If that player continues to violate these rules, they will no longer be a member of Tooele RPG.